Lodi's Wine Social

Wine Social was created as an extention of Sorelle Winery and Six Hands Winery,
both of whom are small award winning family owned and operated, local, award winning wineries. 

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Six Hands

What began as a hobby quickly turned into a true calling.
So in 1997, with the help of Peter Marks' father, Norman,
and wife, Richelle this trio launched Six Hands Winery.

As multi-generational stewards of the land, Six Hands remains committed to sustainable farming with the aim of protecting the ranch for years to come. Surrounded by cherry orchards, Six Hands is the quintessential small production family farm. 

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Mike Scott is the winemaker and owner of Sorelle Winery with his wife, Joanne, and their daughters, Kim and Melissa.

Mike Scott has been enamored with the Dodge House since he was a kid. In 2007, he purchased the home on four acres, and in 2009, the family opened the winery, where they specialize in Italian varieties that grow abundantly in Lodi's Mediterranen climate. 

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